Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas! Before that here is my entry for the most awesome time of the year, The Christmas.

Happy Holidays!  My greetings to you and your family.

I spent my last few days in JRU with my RAms Family celebrating our Christmas as early as that. Our theme for our Christmas party is superheroes and super-villains. It was really fun and we enjoyed every minute of it, we had a lot of games with amazing prizes, and of course, we also had a performance number for each group, but of course, the most important of all is we ate together.  It was really different if you spend time with your friends. Actually, my block mates invited me to our Christmas party as well.  I felt truly loved by my friends, I feel so loved and important. 
Here are some pictures of the RAms Christmas party.......... 

How about you? How did spent your remaining days in JRU?

Post your pictures of you and your family celebrating Christmas on your timelines in FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM and use this hashtags, #JRUisFun #PaskoSaJru #Jrulife #OrgullosoRizaliano #VidaRizaliano , so that I will be able to see your entries. Who knows, I might feature it here on my blog. Have a happy and memorable Christmas everyone.

 #JRUisFun #PaskoSaJru #Jrulife #OrgullosoRizaliano #VidaRizaliano #Rizaliano #RAmsRule #RAmsasSuperheroes #RAmsasSuperVillains #FelizNavidadRizaliano

Photos (Credit to the owners)
Roa Tam-ing
Karen Reyes
Edited by (John Leonard Castillo)

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