Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mind Museum Adventure

As a part of our management workshop, we, the Rizalian Ambassadors, went to the well-known mind museum in Bonifacio Global City to visit and be amazed of their very high-tech and huge displays. As we entered the museum, we were all amazed how a robot named Aedi welcomed us.

By looking at the displays, we all felt the fun and excitement. Mind museum was really different to any other museum.

For the people who already went in the museum, I bet that you also felt what we've encountered, but for those who have not seen the museum yet, I highly suggest that you should see how good it was. 

Every corner in the museum is picture worthy, which you can keep forever. We literally learned a lot, especially when it comes to the trends in our generation today.

We would love to share and let you experience our upcoming event very soon.

Here are the first part :
The Arrival
Atoms Section
Life section

Here are some pictures for you to see what I'm talking about:



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The next part of our Mind Museum adventure will be posted soon.
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Photos by : (Roa Tami-ing)

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