Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank you

My year in JRU has been a rain of blessings for me. First, being part of the ambassador’s family. Being part of it was pretty cool and honored, because I can show my love for the school. This is my way to give back to the school for being a good mentor to me. Second is being a committee chair for one of the organizations which gave me a chance to prove my worthiness and let me show the leader within me. I may be busy a lot of times but those things that I’m in now always remind me to put my study first above all, but show my commitment whenever they need my help. I’m willing to do it, open heartedly. Even my block mates who suddenly became one of the closest people in my life. JRU community is truly heartwarming and friendly, I have met a lot of people in JRU and some have become my best friends, some people even became more than a best friend to me ahahaha. I also have been a victim of finding the people who became one of my super close friends. Before this year ends this is the perfect time to say THANK YOU to those people who trusted me and made me one of the closest friends they've ever had in JRU campus, to my block mates who were always there for me, to my ambassador family who gave trust to me so much and I can’t promise anything but I’ll do my best to not let you down, thank you also for enhancing the skills that I have discovered lately and I will not forget all of the chances you gave me,  and YMA for giving me a chance that I can be a more worthy and productive person, they made me show my skills in handling people and care about them as well. Thank you; you are all a blessing to me this year. Thank you and I can truly say that JRU is fun, despite all of the memories I have gain within it. I thank god for letting me meet you guys this year.

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You? what is your story in JRU this year? whom do you want to say thank you? share it to us. Just post it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag me. Use these hashtags as well #JRUisFun #VidaRizaliano #OrgullosoRizaliano so that I get in track. You can email it to me as well and I will post some of the entries here on my blog. Spread the word and lets trend #JRUisFun

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