Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mr. Wilson Mones

Who does not know him? Jolly, caring, cool, and most definitely a crowd favorite. Please welcome... Drum roll...
Mr. Wilson Mones!

Mr. Mones is currently the Communications Specialist under the Marketing and Communications Office & is part of the faculty roster of the History Department. He is also the mentor/adviser/tatay of the RAMS (Rizalian Ambassadors) and ASH (Association of Students of History) and I'm really proud that he is our tatay because he is doing a great job molding us to be responsible students of JRU.

A brief background on our beloved Mr. Mones.

He’s been with the University since 1999 as a part-time professor. His love for teaching has led him to handle various positions in other educational institutions such as school registrar and high school principal. But despite his constant moving around, it is JRU that he calls home. As he mentioned in one of our conversations, friendships and the joy of engagement with Rizalians has made his tenure here truly worthwhile. “Working is easy when you love what you’re doing.” Mr. Mones says. This is also the secret to the fountain of youth he seems to have stumbled uponJ Would you believe that it’s been 15 years and Mr. Wilson still feels like it’s his first day on the job?

Thank you sir for inspiring us and pushing us to do better every chance we get. Keep it up.

Orgulloso Rizaliano!

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Photos by  (Rachelle Joya)


  1. Association of Students of History po meaning ng ASH. Thanks.

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