Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mr. Reynald C. Padagas, MAN, MAEd

Nursing community of Jose Rizal University!! Make some noise! One of your best professors is here and I'm pleased to welcome him...
Mr. Reynald C. Padagas, MAN, MAEd
Actually, I did a survey and ask some nursing students this question, "for you, who is your best prof." and I got the answer. They told me the reason why did they chose sir Reynald, because his very wit, bright, and talented, well I'm sure you want him to make a sample so when you bumped in him inside the campus, ask for the sample hahaha just kidding.

My friend from the nursing community, one of his students did an interview with him Mr. Chino Agua,

Chino : Sir how you ended up choosing JRU?

Sir Reynald : It was all serendipitous but not  regretful to become a part of the Jose Rizal University Family.

C: how long have you been teaching here in JRU?

SR: It's been happy 8 years and 4 months since I first teach here in beloved JRU.

C: Sir what is the behind reason of your long stay here in JRU?

SR: Jose Rizal University is a venerable institution of learning valuing equal access and equity to quality, relevant education. JRU admirably nurtures the domain of learning to make its students achieve an abundant, productive, and meaningful life. JRU assures quality education and making it the best experience for every Filipino and foreign students alike. and of course, JRU is a home built by hearts and not by hands. It's a haven where great minds meet, and where hearts blend.

C: What can you say about your students in JRU?

SR: The diversity of the students and learners makes my teaching experience very exciting and worthwhile. JRU students have high regard to holistic development thereby making themselves prepared and productive members of the future human capital locally, nationally, and internationally. JRU students seemed to be recognized as young men and women of unquestionable integrity.

C: What are your insights of development of JRU?

SR: The education paradigm has been facing  a lot of transition but JRU is definitely facing all this challenges in a very modest manner Development is reflected in its revolutionary  advancements through its research culture, ICT facilities, blended learning courses and designs, library, and other infrastructures.
Development may be challenging but it is necessary... JRU is committed to provide quality education for those who seek abundant, productive, and meaningful life. All its stakeholders are equally committed to attain JRU's vision and mission.

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Photos by (Chino Agua) 

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