Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Shut Up and Dance

I know it's a little bit late for this but hey, better than late than never right!

Last 7th of august we have our biggest party inside our university and I must say that it was all worth it. From the food down to the entertainment. It feels like I attended a music fest/rave party, just keep dancing till I drop and meeting new people and making new friends. Not only that, I created new memories for my stay on our university. I also hosted the first part of the program and it was a blast, I mean interacting to people who I never had met. Seeing you all from the stage, your facial expressions was incredible. It feels like you want to shut me up and let the Dj drop the music and dance the whole night. Also the drinks and the food looks like a blockbuster for the very long line, where can you get that for only Php 180 it was a full package. The Rizalian Ambassadors and the Central Student Council did great, Here are some pictures of what I'm saying:

I'll do my best to interview the director Miss Klarizze Capin of this event for her message.

But for now, I must say that the Rizalian Ambassadors did great hosting and making it all happen. I can't wait for the part two (2) of it next year hopefully. I know it will be as epic as what happened that night and it will live a mark not only to all of us but also the people who missed the party and make sure to attend it next year. The Rizalian Ambassadors will try their best to come up with more surprises and more fun events for the University to wake the Rizalian spirit within all of us.

Photo Credits (JRU FUN SHOTS)

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